Translator’s Note

“Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home”
John Howard Payne,’ Home Sweet Home

This book is a presentation of 24 illuminating talks given by Ayatullah Hussein Madhahiri to highlight the concept of the home and family in Islam; a concept that is based on faith and love.

For eligible girls and boys this will be invaluable information before they embark on matrimony and make a home of their own.

Islam lays great stress on the importance of the family institution. Today, when we look at the Western society, it gives us a fair idea about the Need of a close-knit family as required in the Islamic society. In the Western society old parents are forced to spend their twilight years in homes for the aged. Perhaps they get all the physical comforts in these homes, but they badly miss the love and affection of their near and dear ones.

Here I would like to mention the experience of a friend of mine and his wife who stayed as paying guests with an old American couple in a small university town for a couple of years. This young couple gave a lot of love and affection to the old landlord and his wife. When they were returning home after completing their studies, the old man said with tearful eyes, “Son! With you we really enjoyed true filial love and affection. Our own sons and daughters come to us only for the family get-togethers during the holiday season and seldom bother about us the rest of the year! Now that you are going, we shall badly miss you!”

The foundation for the family and home in the Islamic society that is laid with the marriage of a young couple is the most beloved in the eyes of Allah and flourishes with the passage of time.

The publication of this compendium of the erudite lectures of the learned Ayatullah shall be a guide, Inshallah, for the young individuals who are on the threshold of embarking on married life. Our sincere good wishes and blessings for all such young persons!