On Blood Vessels Throbbing in the Joints

Muhammad b. Ja’far al-Bursi narrated from Muhammad b. Yahya al-Armani from Yuuus b. Zabyan from Abu Zaynab, who said: While 1 was with Ja’far b. Muhammad, peace be upon him, there came to him Sinan b. Sulama looking pale-faced. He [Ja’far b Muhammad] asked him: ‘What is the matter with you?’ He described to him the severe throbbing (al-darban) that he suffered from in his joints (al-mafasil). He [Ja’far b. Muhammad] said to him: ‘Woe be to you, say: “O Allah, I ask You by Your Names and Your Blessings, and the call of Your noble, blessed Prophet, who has influence with You, and by his right and the right of his daughter Fatima, the

blessed, and by the right of his trustee (wasi), Amir al-Mu’minin, and the right of the Chiefs of the Youth of the people of Paradise [al-Hasan and al-Husayn], to remove from me the evil of what I suffer; by their right, by their right, by their right. By Your Right, O God of all the worlds.”’ By Allah, he had not risen from his seat when his suffering abated.