On A Change In Colour

Ahmad b. Ishaq narrated from ‘Abd Allah b. ‘Abd al-Rahman b. Abu Najran from Abu Muhammad al-Thumali from Ishaq al-Jariri, who said: ‘Al-Baqir, peace be upon him, said: “O Jariri, I see you have become pale. Do you have haemorrhoids?” I replied: “Yes, O son of the Messenger of Allah, and I ask Allah, the Mighty and Sublime not to deny me the reward.” He said: “Shall I suggest a medication for you?” I replied: “O son of the Messenger of Allah, by Allah, I have treated it with more than a thousand remedies, but have not benefited from any and my hemorrhoids are bleeding.” He said; "Woe be to you, Jariri. I am the physician of physicians, the leader of the scholars and the sages, the treasure-house of the religious scholars, and the chief of the progeny of the Prophets on the earth.” I said: “It is so, my lord and master.”

He said: “Your haemorrhoids are female (inath), they pour out blood.” I said: “You are right, O son of the Messenger of Allah.” He said: “You must take beeswax (sham'), the oil of jasmine (duhn zanbaq), storax (lubna 'asal), sumac, sar and flax. Put them together on a ladle over the fire. When they are mixed together, take a quantity equal to a chick-pea and smear it on your buttocks (al-maq’ad). You will be cured, Allah, the Exalted, willing”.’

Al-Jariri said: ‘By Allah, there is no god but Him, I did that only once and I was cured of what was in me I did not experience any bleeding or pain after that.’

Al-Jariri said: ‘I waylaid him [al-Baqir] the next time and he said to me: “O Abu Ishaq, you have been cured, praise be to Allah.” I replied: “May I be your sacrifice [blank in the original].” Then he said: “As for Shu’ayb b. Ishaq, his hemorrhoids are not as they were with you. They are masculine (dhukran).” Then he said: “Tell him to take abradhar and divide it into three parts. Let him dig a hole, then pierce a baked brick, and make a hole in it. Then put that abradhar on the fire, place the brick over it, and sit on it. Let the hole on the brick be opposite the buttocks. When the fumes rise from it, its heat will reach him. Let him prolong [his sitting] as long as possible, perhaps five to seven nathalil [sic]. If it is successful let him remove it and throw it away. If not, let him put the second third of abradhar on it and it will remove it completely.

Then let him apply the ointment (al-marham) of beeswax, oil of jasmine, storax, sar, and flax.” He said; This is for the masculine hemorrhoids, so let him prepare it as I have prescribed and coat the buttocks with it with only a single coating”. I returned and prescribed that to him [Shu'ayb]. He did it and was cured, by the will of Allah, the Exalted.

‘When I performed the Hajj next time, he [al-Baqir] said to me: “O Abu Ishaq, tell rne the news of Shu’ayb.” I said to him: “O son of the Messenger of Allah, by Him Who chose you over mankind and made you a proof (hujja) on earth, he only applied one coating of it.”’