Description of a Drink

‘Abd Allah b. Bistam narrated from Muhammad b. Isma’il b. Hatim at-Tamimi from ‘Umar b. Abu Khalid from Ishaq b.’Ammar, who complained to Ja’far b. Muhammad al-Sadiq, peace be upon him, of a pain and said to him that a physician had suggested for him a drink and said that it was beneficial for this illness. Al-Sadiq said: ‘And what did the physician suggest for you?’ He said; ‘Take raisins (al-zabib) and pour water over them. Then pour honey over it and cook it until two-thirds of it evaporates and one-third is left.’ He [al-Sadiq] said: ‘Is it sweet?’ He replied: ‘Yes indeed, O son of the Messenger of Allah.’ He said: ‘Drink the sweet when you experience it [the pain] and when you are afflicted with it.’ He did not tell [Ishaq] any more than this.