The ‘Evil Disease’

Al-Hasan b. al-Khalil narrated from Ahmad b. Zayd from Shadhan b. al-Khalil from Dhari’, who said: A man came to Abu ‘Abd Allah, peace be upon him, and complained to him that one of his clients was afflicted with the ‘evil disease’. He instructed him to take gypsum (tin al-jir) with rainwater and drink it. He [Dhari’] said: “He did that and was cured.”

From him, peace be upon him, that he said: “There is nothing more beneficial for the ‘evil disease’ than the clay (al-tin) of al-Jarir." 1 said: “O son of the Messenger of Allah, how do you take it?” He said: “Drink it with rainwater and daub it over the affected area, for it is beneficial and has been proven, Allah, the Exalted, willing.”'