On The Evil Wind Which Strikes The Face

Ahmad b. Ibrahim b. Riyah narrated from al-Sabbah b. Muharib, who said: I was with Abu Ja’far b. Al-Ridha’, peace be upon him. He mentioned that Shabib b. Jabir was struck by the evil wind (al-rih al-khabitha), which had pulled down his face and eyes [to one side]. He [Abu Ja’far] said: “Take five mithqal of cloves (al-qaranful) and put it in a dry bottle. Close the lid tightly and coat it with clay and place it in the sun for one day in the summer or two days in the winter. Then take out the cloves and grind it until fine. Mix it with rainwater until it becomes a thick liquid. Let him lie on his back and coat the ground clove on the side of the face that is pulled down. Let him remain lying down until the clove mixture dries. When it dries, Allah will remove it from him and restore him to his best condition, Allah, the Exalted, willing.”

He [al-Sabbah] said: Our companions hastened to him and gave him the good news of that. He treated himself as the Imam, peace be upon him, had instructed, and was restored to the best condition, with the help of Allah, the Exalted.