An Excellent and Tried Medication for a Throbbing Ear

Take rue (al-sadhab) and cook it with olive oil (al-zayt). Put a few drops into the ear and it [the pain] will subside, Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, willing.

‘Abd Allah b. al-Ajlah narrated from Ibrahim b. Muhammad al-Mutatabbib that he said: One of the followers complained to one of them [the Imams, peace be upon him] of a pain in the ear and of blood and pus (al-qaih) coming out of his ear. He [the Imam] said to him: “Take matured cheese (jibn ‘atiq) as mature as possible, and grind it finely. Then mix it with the milk of a woman and warm it on a low fire. Put a few drops of it into the ear from which the blond flows. It will be healed, Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, willing.”