‘Abd Allah b. Zuhayr al-‘Abid, one of the Shi'a ascetics, narrated from ‘Abd Allah al-Mufaddal al-Nawfali, from his father, who said: “A man complained to Abu ‘Abd Allah al-Sadiq, peace be upon him, and said: “I have a son who is sometimes seized by the winds of flatulence (rih umm al-sibyan), and I give up all hope for him because of the severity of what seizes him. If you think it proper, O son of the Messenger of Allah, blessings on him and his family, pray to Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, that he be cured.” He [the narrator] said: He [al-Sadiq] prayed for him and said: “Write the sura al-Hamd (1) for him in saffron and musk seven times. Then wash it out with water and let him drink of it for one month. He will be cured of it.” He [the man] said: We did that for one night and it did not recur. He was calm and we rested.”

From him [al-Sadiq, peace be upon him], that he said: “The sura al-Hamd (1) is not read over any pain seventy times without it subsiding, Allah, the Exalted, willing.”