Abu al-Fawaris b. Ghalib b. Muhammad b. Faris narrated from Ahmad b. Hammad al-Basri from the son of Nasr b. Sayyar from Mu’ammar b. Khallad, who said: “Abu al-Hasan Al-Ridha’, peace be upon him, would often instruct me to take this medication and would say that there arc many benefits in it. I have tried it for wind and hemorrhoids and by Allah, it did not disagree with me.

Take equal parts of black myrobalan, beleric myrobalan, and emblic myrobalan. Grind them, then sieve through silk. Take a similar measure of blue almonds (lauz azraq), called blue muql among the Iraqis. Soak the almonds in leek water for thirty days until it becomes soft and dissolves. Then add these ingredients to it and knead them together vigorously until mixed. Form them into pellets like lentils (al-'adas), and oil your hand with violet oil or the oil of the yellow gilllflower (khiri) or sesame oil, so that it does not stick. Then dry it in the shade. If it is summer, take one mithqal of it, and if it is winter, take two mithqal. Abstain from fish, vinegar, and legumes, for it has been proved by experience.”