For The Insane and Those Afflicted With the Falling Sickness

Muhammad b. Ja’far b. Mihran narrated from Ahmad b. Hammad from Abu Jafar al-Baqir, peace be upon him, that he had prescribed cyclamen (bukhur maryam) for his bondmaid and said that it was beneficial for everything caused by the spirits such as possession (al-mass), mental disorder, madness, the falling sickness, ensnarement, etc. It is beneficial and has been proved, by the will of Allah, the Exalted.

He said: “Take storax or sanadarch (sandarus) and saliva (bazaq) from the mouth, Sandari false bdellium (kur sandari), the bark of the colocynth (qushur al-hanzal), marmari, white sulphur (kibrit abyad), a fragment inside the muql and Yamani sweet cyperus (su'd Yamani). Break into it three drops of myrrh and ‘porcupine hair’ (sha'r qanfadh) mixed with Syrian liquid pitch (qitran shami). Put it all together and create vapours (bukhur). It is good and beneficial, Allah the Exalted willing.”