An Invocation for Animals for the Evil Eye

Ahmad b. al-Harith narrated from Sulayman b. Ja’far from Abu al-Hasan Musa b. Ja’far al-Sadiq, peace be upon him, from one of his forefathers, peace be upon him, that regarding the invocation for animals (al-hayawan) he said: ‘It is preserved with them. “In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate, In the Name of Allah, and by Allah, the evil eye (‘ayn al-su’) departed from between its flesh, skin, bones, sinews, and blood vessels.” Then Jibra’il and Mika’il, blessings of Allah be on them, met it and said: “Where are you going, O evil eye?” It replied: “I am going to the camel. I will drive it away from its train, and the riding-beast from its rein, the donkey from its bridle, and the child from his mother's lap. 1 will come upon the person fully dressed, from his feet.”

They [Jibra’il and Mika'il] said to it: “Go, O evil eye, to the open country, for there is a snake with two eyes, one of water and the other of fire. Thus does Allah put a seal on the evil eye and a frowning face that obstructs, and a dry stone, and an envious eye, and one seeking fire. I return the evil eye, with Allah’s help, to its people and within itself and to its side and to its most loving friends with the invocation of Allah and His words:

Have not the unbelievers then beheld that the heavens and the earth were a mass all sewn up, and then We unstitched them and of water fashioned every living thing? Will they not believe? (21- 30) Return thy gaze; seest thou any fissure?

Then return thy gaze again, and again, and thy gaze comes back to thee dazzled, aweary (67:3-4).

And Allah bless our master Muhammad and his pure family.”’