An Invocation to Neutralize Spells

‘Abd Allah b. al-‘Ala al-Qazwini narrated from Ibrahim b. Muhammad from Hammad b. ‘Isa b. Ya’qub from Imran b.Maytham from Ubaya b Rab’i al-Asadi, that he heard Amir al-Mu’minin, blessings of Allah be on him, instruct one of his companions, when the latter complained of spells (al-sihr). He said: ‘Write [the following] on the parchment of a gazelle and fasten it to yourself. The spell will not harm you and its strategems will not affect you.

“In the Name of Allah, and by Allah; in the Name of Allah, and what Allah wills. In the Name of Allah, there is neither might nor power except with Allah.

Musa said, What you have brought is spells. God will assuredly bring it to naught. God sets not right the work of those who do corruption (10:81-2).

So the truth came to pass, and false was proved what they were doing. So they were vanquished there, and they turned about, humbled (7:118-19).”’

Muhammad b. Musa al-Rab’i narrated from Muhammad b. Mahbub from ‘Abd Allah b. Ghalib from Sa’d b. Zarif from al-Asbagh b. Nubata from Amir al-Mu’minin, peace be upon him, that al-Asbagh said: I took this invocation from him. He said to me: ‘O Asbagh, this is an invocation for spells and fear (al-khauf) of the ruler (al-sultan). Recite it seven times:

“In the Name of Allah, and by Allah. We will strengthen thy arm by means of thy brother, and We shall appoint to you an authority, so that they shall not reach you because of Our signs; you and whoso follows you, shall be the victors (28:35).

Recite it seven times over water when you have completed the night prayer (salat al-layl) and before you begin the morning prayer (salat al-nahar). It [spells] will not harm you, Allah, the Exalted, willing.’