An Invocation for Pain Afflicting the Mouth

Hariz b. Ayyub al-Jurjani narrated from Abu Samina from ‘Ali b. Asbat from Abu Hamza from Abu Basir from Abu ‘Abd Allah, peace be upon him, that Abu Basir said: One of his [Abu ‘Abd Allah's] followers complained to him of pain in his mouth (al-fam). Abu ‘Abd Allah said: ‘When that afflicts you, place your hand over it and say: “In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate, In the Name of Allah, with Whose Name illness causes no harm; I take refuge in the Words of Allah, with Which nothing harms, Most Holy. Most Holy, Most Holy. By Your Name, O Lord, the Pure, the Holy, the Blessed, whoever asks You by it, You grant it to him, and whoever calls on You by it, You answer him. I ask You, O Allah, O Allah, O Allah, to bless Muhammad, the Prophet, and his Ahl al-Bayt, and to heal the suffering in my mouth, my head, my hearing, my sight, my belly, my back, my hand, my foot, and in all my limbs.”

Your pain will be relieved. Allah, the Exalted, willing.’