An Invocation for a Woman Experiencing Difficulty in Childbirth

Al-Khawatimi narrated from Muhammad b. ‘Ali al-Sayrafi from Muhammad b. Aslam from al-Hasan b. Muhammad al-Hashimi from Aban b. Abu al-‘Ayyash from Salim b. Qays al-Hilali from Amir al-Mu’minin, peace be upon him, who said: ‘I know of two verses in the revealed Book of Allah, prescribed for a woman experiencing difficulty (al-'usr) in childbirth (al-wilada). Write them on the parchment of a gazelle and fasten it to her groin (al-haqw). Write seven times:

“In the Name of Allah, and by Allah, Truly with hardship comes ease, truly with hardship comes ease (94.5-6).”

‘Write once: O men, fear your Lord! Surely the earthquake of the Hour is a mighty thing. On the day when you behold it, every suckling woman shall neglect the child she has suckled, and every pregnant woman shall deposit her burden, and thou shalt see mankind drunk, yet they are not drunk, but God's chastisement is terrible (22:1-2).

‘Write [the following] on a paper and tie it with an untwisted fibre of flax (kattan) and fasten it on to her left thigh. When she has given birth, cut it off at once and do not delay in doing it. Write:

“At the time when Maryam gave birth, Maryam brought forth a living [being]. O living [being], come down to the earth immediately, by the will of Allah, the Exalted.”’