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On Looseness Of The Bowels

Bishr b. ‘Abd al-Hamid al-Ansari narrated from al-Washsha’ from Muhammad b. Fudayl from Abu Hamza b. al-Thumali from Abu Ja'far Muhammad b. ‘Ali al-Baqir, peace he upon him, that a man complained to him of looseness of the bowels (al-zahir). He [al-Baqir] said to him: “Take some Armenian clay (al-tin al-Armani). Turn it over on a low fire, then eat some of it. It will cease.”

From him, peace be upon him, that he said concerning looseness of the bowels: “Take one part of white clay (khazaf abyad) one part of fleawort (bizr qutuniya) seeds, one part of gum Arabic (samgh ‘arabi), and one part of Armenian clay. Boil over a low fire and eat of it.”