Medication for Anxiety, Excessive Thirst and Dryness of the Mouth

Ibrahim b. ‘Abd Allah narrated from Hammad b. ‘Isa from al-Mukhtar from Isma’il b. Jabir, who said: One of our brothers complained to Abu ‘Abd Allah, peace be upon him, of excessive thirst (al-‘atash) and of dryness of the mouth and saliva (al-riq). He [Abu ‘Abd Allah] instructed him to take two mithqal each of scammony (soghmuniya), cardamom, Indian nard (sunbula), secacul, the branches and seed of balm (al-balasan), Cassia spuria (narmishk) cinnamon (silikha) with its bark removed, Byzantine mastic, pyrethrum, and Chinese cinnamon. Grind and sieve them all except the scammony which is ground separately and not sieved. Then mix them together. Take eighty-five mithqal of Sajzi fanidh [sweet made of sugar candy and starch], and melt it in two pans on a low fire. Pour it over the rest of the ingredients, then mix it all with honey which has had its froth removed. Put it in a bottle or green earthenware jar. Whenever required, take two mithqal of it with whatever drink you wish, before breakfast or before bed.