A Medication for Phlegm

He said: ‘Then he described a medication for phlegm. He said: “Take equal party of Byzantine mastic ('ilk rumi), frankincense (al-kundur), wild thyme (sa'tar), bishop's weed (al-nankhwah) and fennel flower (al-shuniz). Grind each of them separately into fine powder. Then sift them, put them together, and pound them until they are well mixed. Add honey to the mixture and take the equivalent of a hazelnut (al-bunduqa) of it every day and at night before sleeping, It will be beneficial, Allah, the Exalted, willing.”’

‘Abd Allah b. Mas'ud al-Yamani narrated from at-Taryani from Khalid al-Qammat that ‘Ali b. Musa Al-Ridha’, peace be upon him, dictated these ingredients for phlegm. He said: ‘Take the weight of one mithqal of yellow myrobalan (ihlilaj asfar), two mithqal of mustard (khardal) and one mithqal of pyrethrum (‘aqir qarha), Grind them to a fine powder. Brush your teeth with it on an empty stomach (‘ala al-riq). It will cleanse the phlegm, make the breath fragrant, and strengthen the teeth, Allah, the Exalted, willing.’