Medications For Heart Flutter, Strengthening The Abdomen, Pain In The Waist, Increasing Brightness Of The Face, And Removing The Yellowness

Take seventy-two mithqal of dry ginger, forty of long pepper, and four each of heelweed (shina), cinnamon leaves (sadhaj), pepper, black myrobalan, preserved cardamom (qaqula murabban), walnut, bishop's weed, sweet-pomegranate (al-rumman al-hulw) seeds, fennel flower and Kirmani cumin (kammun). Grind and sieve them all. Then take six hundred mithqal of good fanidh and put it into a clay vessel and pour some water over it. Light a low fire under it so the fanidh melts. Then put it in a clean container and add to it the ground ingredients. Mix them well, then put it away in a bottle or green jar. Drink of it the equivalent of a walnut and it will not disagree [with you], Allah, the Exalted, willing.