A Medicine to Increase Intercourse, Etc.

He said: “This is a marvellous [remedy]. It warms the kidneys (al-kulyatan) increases intercourse (al-jima’) for the person who takes it, and removes al-barun [sic] from all the joints. It is beneficial for pains of the waist and the belly, for wind (al-riyah) in the belly and in the joints, for one who experiences difficulty in passing urine, for one not able to control his urine, for heart palpitations (darban al-fu’ad), difficulty in breathing, flatulence (al-nifkha), indigestion, and worms in the belly. It clears the heart, arouses an appetite for food, allays pain in the breast, yellowness of the eyes (sufra al-'ayn) and yellowness of the colour, jaundice, and excessive thirst. It is for one who complains of his eyes, for pain in the head, deficiency in the brain (al-dimagh) degenerative fever, and for every illness, old and new. It is good, has been tried, and will never disagree. Drink two mithqal of it — it was one mithqal among us, but the Imam, peace be upon him, changed it.

“Take six mithqal each of black myrobalan, yellow myrobalan and scammony; four mithqal each of pepper, long pepper, dry ginger, bishop’s weed, red-poppy seeds (khishkhash ahmar), and Indian salt (milh hindi), two mithqal each of Cassia spuria, cardamom, Indian nard, secacul, balm branches, balm seeds, cinnamon (silikha) with its bark removed, Byzantine mastic, pyrethrum, and Chinese cinnamon. Grind all these ingredients and mix after having sieved them all, except the scammony, which is ground separately and not sieved. Mix them all together and take eighty-five mithqal of good quality Sajzi fanidh, and melt it in two pans on a low fire Add the other ingredients to it and mix all that with honey which has had its froth removed. Put it away in a bottle or green earthenware jar. Whenever required, take two mithqal of it before breakfast, and before sleeping, with whatever drink you wish. It is marvellous for all that we have described, Allah, the Exalted, willing.”