The Medicine for Puffiness around the Eyes

Ibrahim b. Muhammad b. Ibrahim narrated from al-Fadl b. Maymun al-Azdi from Abu Ja’far b. ‘Ali b. Musa, peace be upon him, that he [al-Azdi] said: “O son of the Messenger of Allah, I experience severe pain from this puffiness around the eyes (al-shausa).” He replied: “Take one gram of the medicine of Al-Ridha’, peace be upon him, with some saffron and apply it around the [affected] area.” He asked: 'And what is the medicine of your father?” He replied: “The ‘comprehensive medication’, and it is well known among such-and-such [people].” He said: “I went to one of them and took from him one grain and applied it around the area with saffron water, as he had mentioned, and I was cured of it.”