For Pain, Cold, And Weakness in the Abdomen

He said: “Take the quantity of one ratl of Cassia fistula (khiyar shanbar) and clean it. Pound it and steep it in a ratl of water for a day and a night. Then strain it and throw away the residue.

Mix with the clear liquid one ratl of honey, two ratl of the juice (afshuraj) of quince (al-safarjal) and forty mithqal of the oil of roses (duhn al-ward). Cook on a low fire until it thickens. Then take the pan off the fire and leave it until cool. When it cools, add three mithqal each of Cassia tona (al-qilqil), long pepper (dar filfil), cinnamon (qirfa al-qaranfal), cardamom (qaqula), ginger (zanjabil), Chinese cinnamon (dar sini) and nutmeg (juzbawwa), all ground and sieved. Mix these well and put the mixture in a green earthenware jar. Drink two mithqal of it on an empty stomach at one time. It will warm the abdomen, digest the food and expel the wind from all the joints, if Allah, the Exalted, wills.”