On Pain in the Waist

He said: “Take four mithqal of pepper, and a similar quantity of ginger, long pepper, rice (birinj), mace (basbasa), and Chinese cinnamon, each of them the same quantity, that is, four mithqal. Take forty-five mithqal of good, pure, fresh butter (al-zibd), and forty-six mithqal of white sugar. Grind them all and sieve them in a cloth or fine sieve. Add twice its total weight of honey which has had its foam removed. Whoever drinks it for the waist, let him take the weight of three mithqal; whoever drinks it as a laxative (al-mashw), let him take the weight of seven mithqal or eight with tepid water. It will remove every illness, Allah, the Exalted, willing, and with this medication there is no need for any other. It compensates and is a substitute for all medication. When it is taken as a laxative and the bowels have stopped moving, then let it be taken with honey, for it is good and tried.”