The Prayer of a Mother for a Son From Above

‘Ali b. Mihran b. al-Walid al-‘Askari narrated from Muhammad b. Salim from al-Arqat — he was the son of the sister of Abu ‘Abd Allah al-Sadiq, peace be upon him — who said: I was very ill and my mother sent for my maternal uncle. He came while my mother was outside the door of the house - and she was Umm Salama b. Muhammad b. ‘Ali - saying: “Alas, my boy!” My uncle saw her and said: ‘Gather your dress around you and go up to the roof of the house. Then remove your veil (al-qina’) so that you expose your hair to the sky and say: “My Lord, You gave me to him and You granted him to me. O Allah, renew Your grant today, surely You are Able and Powerful.” Then prostrate yourself and do not raise your head until your son is restored to health.’ She heard that and acted on it. He [al-Arqat] said: I rose at once and went out with my maternal uncle to the mosque.