For Rumbling in the Belly

Ahmad b. Muharib al-Sudani narrated from Safwan b.Yahya al-Bayya' from ‘Abd al-Rahman b. al-Jahm that Dharih al-Muharibi complained to Abu ‘Abd Allah, peace be upon him, of rumbling in his belly. He [Abu 'Abd Allah] asked: “Does it pain you?” He replied: “Yes.” He [Abu ‘Abd Allah] said: “What prevents you from taking black cumin and honey for it?”

Salama b. Muhammad al-Ash’ari narrated fmm ‘Uthman b. ‘Isa who said: A man complained to Abu al-Hasan, the first [Musa al-Kazim], peace be upon him, and said: “I have a rumbling, it never subsides and I am ashamed of talking to people for they will hear the sound of that rumbling. So pray for me to be cured of it.” He [Abu al-Hasan] replied: “When you finish your night prayer, say: ‘O Allah, whatever I know of good, it is from You, there is no praise for me in it. Whatever I know of evil, You have warned me of it, so I have no excuse in it. O Allah, I take refuge in You from relying on that in which there is no praise for me, or trusting in that for which I have no excuse.’”