On Scattering Wheat For Fever

Al-Fayd b. al-Mubarak al-Asadi narrated from ‘Abd al-Aziz from Yunus from Dawud al-Raqqi, who said: I was severely ill in Medina and news of that reached Abu ‘Abd Allah, peace be upon him. He wrote to me: ‘News of your illness has reached me. Buy [the measure of] a sa’ of wheat (al-burr), lie down on your back (al-qafa'), and scatter it in any way whatever on your chest and say: “O Allah, I ask You by Your Name by Which, if the distressed asks You, his trouble is removed, and You have established him on the earth and made him Your vicegerent over Your creation, to bless Muhammad and his family and to cure me of this illness of mine.” Then sit up, gather the wheat from around you, and recite the same prayer. Then divide the wheat, giving [the measure of] a madd to each beggar and recite the name prayer again.’ Dawud said: I did as he instructed and recovered as quickly as a camel loosened from its cord. More than one person used this remedy and benefited from it.

Abu Ghassan ‘Abd Allah b. Khalid h. Najih narrated from Ibn Mas’ud Muhammad b. ‘Abd Allah b. Abu Ahmad from ‘Abd al-Rahman Abu Najran from Yunus b Ya’qub that he said: I was with Abu ‘Abd Allah, peace be upon him, while he was teaching one of his followers the charm for fever, so I copied it from the man.

He said: ‘Recite the opening of the Book (al-Fatiha (1)), the sura al-Ikhlas (112), the sura al-Qadr (97), and the verse of the Throne (2:255). Then write with your index finger on the feverish side: “O Allah, spare his tender skin (al-jild) and fragile bones from the violence of the fire. O Umm Muladdim, if you believe in Allah and the Day of Judgement, then do not eat the flesh, or drink the blood, or weaken the body, or cause aches in the head. Depart from so-and-so, son of so-and-so, to one who ascribes other gods with Allah. There is no god but Allah, Exalted is Allah over those who associated partners with Him, Sublime, Great.”