On Severe Agonies Of Death

Al-Ahwas b. Muhammad narrated from ‘Abd al-Rahman b. Abu Najran from Ibn ‘Isa from Hariz b. ‘Abd Allah al-Sijistani on the authority of Abu Ja’far al-Baqir, peace be upon him, who said: ‘When you visit a patient while he is suffering severe agonies of death, say to him: Pray this prayer seven times and Allah will make it easy for you: “I take refuge in Allah, the Mighty, Lord of the Mighty and Noble Throne, from every swelling blood-vessel (‘irq nifar) and from the evil of the heat of the fire.” Then teach him the words of deliverance (kalimat al-faraj).’

I said: ‘O son of the Messenger of Allah, what are the words of deliverance?’ He replied: ‘Say “There is no god but Allah, the Wise. There is no god but Allah, the Most High, the Mighty. Glory be to Allah, the Lord of the seven heavens and the Lord of the seven earths, and what is in them and what is between them and what is under them and the Lord of the Mighty Throne. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.” Then move him on to the place in which he would pray. He will find relief and his affair will be made easy, Allah, the Exalted, willing.’