On The Severe Agony of Death

Al-Khidr b. Muhammad narrated from al-‘Abbas b. Muhammad from Hammad b. ‘Isa from Hariz al-Sijistani, who said: We were with Abu ‘Abd Allah, peace be upon him, when a man came to him and said: “O son of the Messenger of Allah, my brother has been suffering from the agony of death (al-naz’) for three days and it has increased in severity, so pray to Allah.” He [Abu ‘Abd Allah] said: “O Allah, ease for him the agonies of death.” Then he told the man: “Move his mattress to the place in which he prayed, and his suffering will be eased for him, if there is a delay in his appointed time of death. If his time has come, then it will be made easy for him. Allah, the Exalted, willing.”