On Stones in the Waist

Al-Khidr b Muhammad narrated from al-Kharrazi that he said: I called on one of them [the Imams, peace be upon him]. I greeted him and asked him to pray for my brother, who was suffering from stones (al-hasah) and could not sleep. He said to me: “Return and take some black myrohalan (al-ihlilaj al-aswad), beleric myrobalan (al-balilaj), and emblic myrobalan (al-amlaj). Take equal parts of blue bdellium (al-kur), pepper (al-filfil), long pepper, Chinese cinnamon, ginger, secacul (shaqaqul), sweet flag (wajj), anise (anisun), and galangal (khulanjan). Grind and sieve them and mix with the clarified butter from a cow (samn baqr). Then mix all of that with twice its weight of honey which has had its froth (al-rughwa) removed. Drink of it the equivalent of a hazelnut or a gallnut (afsa’).”