On Various Remedies Described By The Imams, On Them Be Peace

Al-Hasan b. Shadhan narrated from Abu Ja’far from Abu al-Hasan, peace be upon him, who, when asked about tertian fever (al-humma al-ghabb al-ghaliba) said: ‘Take three spoonfuls of honey and fennel flower and the fever will be uprooted, for they are both blessed. Allah, the Exalted, has said of honey:

Then comes there forth out of their bellies a drink of diverse hues wherein is healing for men (16:69).

The Messenger of Allah, blessings on him, said: “In black cumin (al-habba a-sauda') is a healing from every illness except the poison (al-samm).” It was said: "O Messenger of Allah, what is the poison?’ He replied: “Death.” Then he said: “These two [honey and black cumin] are not predisposed to the heat or the cold, or to natural constituents, but are both a healing wherever they are.”

Al-Hasan b. Shadhan narrated from Abu Ja’far from Abu al-Hasan the third [the tenth Imam, ‘Ali b. Muhammad al-Hadi (d. 254/ 868)], peace be upon him, who said: “The best thing for quartan fever is to eat sweet flummery (al-faludhaj) [made of honey] and a lot of saffron on the day the fever occurs, and not to eat anything else on that day.”