Vitiligo and Whiteness of the Eyes

‘Abd al-Aziz b. ‘Abd al-Jabbar narrated from Dawud b. ‘Abd al-Rahman from Yunus, who said: I was afflicted with whiteness in my eyes, so I went to Abu ‘Abd Allah, peace be upon him, and complained of that to him. He said: “Purify yourself and pray two rak 'as and say: ‘O Allah, O Merciful, O Compassionate, O All-hearing, O Hearer of supplications, O Bestower of blessings. Grant me the good of this world and the next, and protect me from the evil of this world and the evil of the next world, and remove from me my suffering, for the affair has vexed me and grieved me.’”

Yunus said: I did as he instructed me and Allah removed that from me, praise be to Him.

From him, blessings of Allah on him and his family, that he said: “Place your hand on it and say: ‘O Bestower of healing and Remover of illness, bestow a cure on the illness that is in in me.’