On Warts

Sa'dawayh b. ‘Abd Allah narrated from ‘Ali b. al-Nu'man from Abu al-Hasan Al-Ridha’, peace be upon him, from [one of his] forefathers, that he [al-Nu’man] said: I said to him [Al-Ridha’]: “May I be your sacrifice, I have a much-wanted son who is not able to mix with people because of the numerous warts he has. I ask you, O son of the Messenger of Allah, to teach me something that will benefit him.” He replied: “For each wart, take seven barleycorns (sha'irat) and recite over each one seven times:

When the Terror descends… until the verse: and become a dust scattered (56:1-6). They will question thee concerning the mountains. Say: My Lord will scatter them as ashes. Then He will leave them a level hollow wherein thou wilt see no crookedness neither any curving (20:105-7).

“Then take a barleycorn and rub the centre of the wart with it. Tie it in a new piece of cloth and fasten a stone on to it and throw it into a toilet (kanif).” He ['Ali b. al-Nu'man] said: I did that and looked at him. By Allah, on the seventh and eighth day he was like the palm of my hand and more clear!

'Some of them say that it should be treated at the time of the muhaq of the month [from the 28th to the 30th of the month] , that is, when the moon is hidden and cannot be seen. It is the most effective and beneficial time for treatment.’