Rules Regarding Changing One’s Sex

Question 63: What ruling does changing sex from a man to a woman or a woman to a man by surgery have?

Answer: This surgery, in itself, has no problem, but one must stay away from forbidden actions that can happen while doing this.

Question 64: What ruling does one’s previous marriage have if a man and woman get married and then change their sex? If the marriage becomes invalid does the man have to pay the complete dowry to the woman?

Answer: The marriage would become void. If the couple had intercourse then the whole dowry must be paid and the ruling of paying half of the dowry before intercourse is not certain.

Question 65: What ruling does a marriage have if the husband and wife change sex at the same time?

Answer: It would not be far-fetched that their marriage would remain valid, but as a precaution they should renew their marriage contract.