Rules Regarding Fasting

Question 32: Does phlegm from one’s throat invalidate one’s fast?

Answer: If it does not reach one’s mouth it does not invalidate one’s fast.

Question 33: What rulings does unnecessarily taking a vitamin rich injection have in regards to fasting?

Answer: Injections that are used in place of food invalidate the fast.

Question 34: Does putting inedible objects such as dentist equipment into one’s mouth invalidate one’s fast?

Answer: As long as nothing reaches one’s throat one’s fast does not become invalid.

Question 35: While fasting, is it permissible to brush one’s teeth? What is the ruling if the toothbrush has become wet and the wetness mixes with one’s saliva?

Answer: There is no problem in it, but the wetness that enters one’s mouth must not reach one’s throat.

Question 36: Some people who have asthma must use a spray in order to help them breathe. What is the ruling regarding these people and fasting?

Answer: If something enters their throat that is not pure breath, their fast would be invalidated.

Question 37: A doctor forbade a patient from fasting, but the patient knows that fasting is not harmful for him. What is the ruling regarding this?

Answer: If he knows that fasting is not harmful for him then he must fast.