Features of the Islamic System

The Islamic System differs from the man-made system in the following ways:

1. The Islamic System is promulgated by Allah, the All Wise, Who knows best what is useful for man and nothing is hidden from Him. Therefore, it is an efficient and perfect system which suits every time and place.

2. The Islamic System achieves the interests of the people and their welfare at once. Other systems, i.e., man-made systems, strive only to achieve the interests of a small group or class. As a result, they cause the spread of injustice and corruption.

3. The man who believes that the Islamic Systems is proclaimed by Allah, the Greatest, and that he will be held accountable and punished for disobeying it or rewarded for following it respects this system and preserves it.

Thus, we find the truthful believer never steals, nor cheats others, nor drinks alcohol or wrongs others due to his strong belief in Divine punishment or reward. Indeed, the welfare of humanity and its happiness is found in following the Divine System taught by the Prophet of humanity, Muhammad bin Abdullah (s).