Islamic Unity and Happiness

What is Islamic unity? Is it the use of a common ground of beliefs? Is it giving up some of the differences different sects have? How did the publication "Al-Ghadir" of the scholar Amini (may God be pleased with him) affect the idea of Unity? What principles should be followed for the sake of unity? What is happiness from the Islamic point of view?
The present book presents us with the answers to the above questions and more. Maybe presenting us with the ultimate principle, that of Imam Ali as, who used the motto of "not securing all, but at the same time not abandoning all".

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Islamic Unity and Happiness by The Martyred Scholar Murtada Mutahhari Translated by Dr. Alaedin Pazargadi Edited by Muhammad Khurshid Ali First Edition:1982 By: Foreign Department of Bethat Foundation Add: Somaye St. between Mofotteh andForsat Tehran, Iran . Tel: 821159