Translator's Introduction

The martyred scholar, Murtadha Mutahhari was born in 1918 in the town of Fariman of Khorassan. He studied for 16 years in the Divinity college of Qom in the branches of literature, jurisprudence, philosophy and other Islamic subjects, and then taught there and later at the Divinity College of Tehran University as professor of theology and philosophy for several years. He was then engaged in research which resulted in the publication of many books on religious, philosophical and social topics.

He was an erudite and versatile scholar, as is proved by his lectures, pamphlets and books, a total of 35 published works. He was martyred by assassins in Tehran in April I980. His well-known books arc: Islamic World Visions, Man in the Qur'an, Islamic Revolution, Men and Faith, Divine Justice, Society and History, Revelation and Prophethood.

This booklet consists of two sections. In section one the writer discusses the contribution of scholar Amini in his book of "Al-Ghadir" and Islamic unity and its urgent need in the world of today. In section two he analyses the question of happiness from different points of view, both religious and philosophical.

In Persian and Arabic texts wherever the name of Imam Ali or other Imams is mentioned, it is customary to add a phrase after its meaning in English «peace be upon him», or the letter as an abbreviation for it in the English translation .too, this symbol is used in such cases.

In translating this booklet, my acknowledgement is due to Mr. Muhammad Khurshid Ali, editor of Be'that Foundation, for his most helpful suggestions in improving the quality of the translation and useful abridgement to avoid unnecessary repetitions.