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Imam Hasan Askari - Words of Wisdom

This presentation contains a selection of the wise sayings of Imam Hasan Askari (a).

Munajat of Imam Ali (a)

Powerpoint presentation containing Arabic text and English translation of Munajat (whispered prayers) of Imam Ali (a) in the mosque of Kufa.

The Secrets of Hajj

A thought-provoking conversation between Imam Zain ul Abideen (a) and his companion Shibli when he returned from Hajj. Imam explains the philosophical and spirituals aspects of the Hajj rituals.

What he did for Him

In this presentation, a narration from Imam Ali (a) has been quoted in which he talks about the qualities of the God-fearing and pious people.

When I Was Sick

This presentation is based on prayer # 15 from Sahifa al-Sajjadiya of Imam Zayn al Abedin [as].

When Knowledge Enters Heart

This presentation explains that when knowledge enters the heart, there are other virtues that come with it..