12) Warn your heart of the assault of time and the evil inconstancy of the nights and days

“ وحذّره صولة الدهر وفحش تقلب الليالي والايام”

Man is always confronted with unexpected and unfavorable events of the world: Sometimes disease, death, and misery of your beloved ones, and at other times, poverty, deprivation and depression, sometimes the corruption of people and at times failure, inability and disloyalty of your friends. Although most of these unpleasant events are unexpected, the hemlock is the poison which should be drunk anyhow. A wise man, being at the mercy of so many deplorable events, should make himself ready, and if possible stop their occurrence and try to face them determinedly.

O my dear friend! Think of the ups and downs of life,
Think of the ways to stay strong if deprived of the provisions;
A breeze might disturb the book of time,
Think of the turning over the pages of your life-book by Day and Night.