These are juristic questions discussed in a clear and firm way. They depend upon the true evidences and follow the straight way. It is enough for them to be a result of a high learned mind and a wonderful pen depending upon the accurate scientific theories so that they are directed easily towards the bright way of rightness and assisted by those accurate theories.

This is a book among tens of books written by our honored great uncle Imam Sharafuddeen, who has supplied the Arabic library with what makes the seekers of the truth ladle from this pure knowledge and makes them appreciate his apposite thinking, truthfulness of evidences, impartiality and defending the rightness.

In this valuable research you will find a correct knowledge depending upon the Book of Allah and the Sunna of His messenger for the author hasn’t depended upon other than them. Although the jurisprudential points discussed in this research are few, you will get a great benefit out of them.

Imam Sharafuddeen discussed these certain questions especially and made them the subject of his short thesis because these secondary questions were the source of much argument and disagreement. Much ado and fierce attacks often and often aroused about these points, hence Imam Sharafuddeen tried to ease the fierceness of the attackers and to lead the fair prudent ones towards the truth. On the other hand, he wanted to clear that the Shia wouldn’t adopt any religious matter, unless they were certain and sure that it was derived from the holy Quran and the true Sunna.

These questions are true examples giving you a clear image about the successful conclusion and fair jurisprudential investigation. You notice in them the high justification for they don’t care for other than clear evidences and true excuses derived from the holy Book of Allah and the sacred Sunna of the Prophet (s).

Nooruddeen Sharafuddeen