A Word by the Verifier

Fatimah (s.a.) is the highest woman in knowledge, purity, patience and piety that history has ever known. She was brought up in the house of Revelation and grew in the lap of the greatest Prophet (S), and thus she was the vessel of Imamate and the continuity of Prophethood.

She got married to Ameerul Mo'minin Ali bin Abi Talib (a.s.) and lived with him a life of simplicity and asceticism, and so she was an ideal example for Muslim women or indeed, for all Muslims.

However, fate willed for her that she would not live after her father’s death but for a short time because of the oppression and harms she met from the people; though the Prophet (S) had said about her, ‘Fatimah is a part from me; whoever harms her harms me.’ But, people denied the truth, deviated from the path of the Mission, and turned him (Imam Ali) away from the position of Imamate.

The book before you, dear reader, is a study on the life of Infallible Fatimah (s.a.), the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (S). Our role in this book was the reviewing and verifying of its texts and sources. Praise be to Allah and Allah’s blessing be on Muhammad and his pure progeny.

Mahdi Baqir al-Qurashi
13th Muharram, 1424 AH