Before Your Hands

O you the part of the messenger of Allah
A fragrance from the soul of Muhammad
The source of dignity in the world of Islam
A flame from the light of Allah and a flow from His mercy

The mother of the two masters of the youth of Paradise
The psalm of every noble lady from the daughters of Eve
The light by which the confused are guided in the darkness of ignorance
O you who rejected the pleasures of life, and lived for abstinence, virtuousness and asceticism

O my Lady, the aims of your father, the savior of humanity, lit in your soul, and his values shone inside you, and so you set out from the essence of the revelation and the mission into a great revolution against deviation that Muslims were afflicted with after the departure of your father to the better world

You struggled stably and loftily to take them back to the path of the mission that your father had made to save the nation from deviation and from slipping into the abysses of this life. So you refuted suspicion, lit the way, and showed the clear proof, but people admired this life, were interested in its pleasures, and they insisted on erring and stubbornness

My lady, these are glimpses from your high ideals, which are as a Legion of Honor to the Islamic nation, that I offer humbly and reverently to your high standing expecting from Allah the Almighty that I shall obtain your intercession that includes many many slack people like me!

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