Can Allah be seen?

As a direct result of the above mentioned difference, the Sunnis say that Allah can be seen. Some of them, like Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, say that He can be seen in this world, as well as in the life hereafter. Others say that He can be seen in the life hereafter only.

On the other hand, we, the Ithna 'asharis, say that He cannot be seen anywhere, because He has no body, and because Allah says in the Qur’an:

“Sight cannot reach Him" (6:103).

The Sunnis use the following verse as their proof:

"Some faces on that day (of judgement) will be fresh, looking towards their Lord" (75:22-23).

But in the Arabic language, the word “nazar” does not imply ‘seeing’. Often it is said: ‘nazartu ilal hilal falam arahu’ (I looked towards the new moon but I did not see it). Therefore, the verse cannot imply that they will see God. According to our interpretation, it means that they will be looking forward for the blessings of Allah.