Arguments Of Those Who Consider It Haraam To Build Tombs

There is disagreement among Muslims as regards the construction of buildings over the graves of prophets and saints; and circumbulating them and considering them as places of worship.

Those who consider this haraam, present the following traditions in order to support their arguments:

(a) Ali (a.s) said that the Messenger of Allah (S) was present at a funeral when he asked:

“Which one of you would go towards Madinah and not find a single idol but break it, not a single grave but level it, and not a single picture but erase it.

A man asked, “I will, O! Messenger of Allah”. So he departed for Madinah; but he became fearful of the people, there, and retraced his steps.

Ali (a.s.) said: “O Messenger of Allah, I will go.” The Holy Prophet said, “Go ahead.”

So he went; then returned (after some time) and said, “O Messenger of Allah. I have not found a single idol but I broke it, not a grave but I levelled it and not a picture but I erased it.”

This tradition has been quoted many a times in the books of traditions and we have presented the complete text of the same.1

(b) It has been narrated from the Prophet (S) that he said: O Allah, do not make my grave an idol, curse of Allah be upon those who consider the graves of their prophets as places of worship.2

And in another tradition the Messenger of Allah (S) had remarked about those who consider the graves of their prophets as places of worship, saying, “May Allah kill the Jews, they have taken the graves of their prophets as places of worship.3

(c) Conclusion derived from the traditions of the Prophet (S) that prohibit women from the Ziarat of graves.

It is mentioned in Sunan Abi Dawood, Tirmizi and Ibne Majah from Abu Huraira, Hassan and Ibne Abbas that they reported the Messenger of Allah (S) as saying: “Curse be upon the women who visit the graves.”4

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