At your service, O chief of the Noble ones!

I recall your day in Karbala when you were presenting the sacrifice of your Ahlul Bayt (‘a) and companions. A sacrifice, purely for the sake of Allah and with pure faith; when Islam would never have succeeded in its confrontation with oppression and apostasy without your exemplary sacrifice. Such a sacrifice that none but you were capable of offering.

You are the greatest conqueror! You were able to fill the pages of existence with your determination and you solved the most difficult problems in a way that it was its only solution. But this could not be accomplished except by giving your blood, which was imbued with the fragrance of prophethood and revelation. You annihilated the degraded tyrannical rulers of Bani Umayyads who had destroyed the social system and pushed people to a political mirage. They bought over the pillars of nation and historians; put them in degraded deviations and in the lowest rank of debasement. So much so that the flame lit by the Holy Prophet (S) was put out and its place was taken up by the idol-worship of Quraish. They installed idols in all gatherings and pulpits in the nation of Islam so that the flame of guidance, faith and the lofty examples and elements of ethics of the nation could be destroyed. It was the reason that the ways of guidance may disappear and become concealed so that Islam, with its true value may disappear and its foundations may be destroyed.

But we beseech to you! O great Victor! That you rose up and took up all the sides of the Islamic world in your hands by a call that announced the coming of the new dawn so that Muslims may understand your messenger ship. You heralded a new historical period and kept its greatness preserved and to consider its manners good that it may remove from them the filth of slavery and release them to the fields of liberation so that they may participate in building of civilization and join the caravan of history.

Chief of the noble men! By your great revolution you have changed the nature of humanity that had been mired in lowly filth and had become absolutely helpless even for themselves. So he stood up at once, with an astonishing spirit and led it on the path of everlasting life. He establishes miracles and announced the statements of Allah with unlimited faith.

Yes! That is the faith that percolated to depths of his being and personal qualities that made it easy for him to face such terrible circumstances. Such a tragedy that melts the hearts of humanity and defies logic; when he saw his companions’ side-by-side moving towards death at great speed. They were such that history has not seen people more truthful, orthodox and loyal. He saw the stars of Ahlul Bayt and his sons; that in the spring of their youths they were becoming morsels of the swords and spears.

He saw the harem ladies of the family of prophet hood wailing due to impending calamities and tragedies and the killing thirst that made them call out for help to him while there was nothing he could do to solve their problems. At that time, when every living person was losing self-control, the grandson of the Prophet stood up and spoke up the truths from the depths of his heart and faith: “This has become easy for me to bear because I know that Allah is seeing all this’”

Yes! Allah indeed saw your tribulations and calamities you suffered in that tragedy were on the way of Islam.

My chief! O father of noble men! In recompense of the different tortures you bore and various calamities you suffered, the Almighty Allah bestowed you numerous blessings in the Hereafter. He created the High Garden for you and appointed you at the highest level so that you may take whatever you may desire. He made you the chief of the Youths of Paradise, the intercessor whose intercession is accepted.

However in this mortal world, your remembrance remains fresh and it continuously makes people humble before your exalted position and your remembrance is so closely attached to the world as the days and nights are connected.

While your enemies are routed and scattered and their history has been buried with the unknown, degraded and humiliated people.

You are the only one who remained in the lyric of freedom of every generation and your flag shall continue to fly so that reformers may gain lesson from you to benefit the humanity.