Lesson Eight: Rain of Knowledge On Hearts

Luqman, the wise, said:

"يا بُنَىَّ إنَّ اللّه يُحْيِى الْقُلُوبَ بِنُورِ الْحِكْمَةِ كَما يُحْيِى الأرضَ بِوابِلِ السّماءِ"


My son! God revives the hearts of men with the light of knowledge as he revives dead lands with blessings of rains from the sky!1

Brief Description

The land of man’s heart is like a garden in which all types of seedlings, seeds of flowers, plants and strong trees are dispersed. If it is irrigated on time, a pleasant and fruitful area will blossom.

The only means of irrigation for this land is the reviving drops of rain of science and knowledge. Hearts lacking knowledge have no light, no fruit, and they are dead. We should always, and in all conditions, keep alive our souls with the light of knowledge.

  • 1. from Bihar al-Anwar, volume one