Lesson Eighty Seven: The Worst Method Of Life

Imam Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) said:

أَسْوَءُ النّاسِ مَعَاشاً مَنْ لَمْ يَعِشْ غَيْرَهُ فِى مَعاشِهِ


The worst people, from an economic viewpoint, are those who do not offer livelihood to others from their own livelihood, and others are excluded from their life.1

Brief Description

A healthy economy is one which strengthens social relations and embraces all members of the society. When wealth is concentrated in certain individuals or groups who refuse to allow the rest to benefit , a cancer takes root in that soceity that will eventually destroy its economic health to the detriment of all. Imam Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) refers to this as the worst type of livelihood and economic life.

  • 1. Tuhaful Uqul, page 334.