Lesson Fifty Six: The Wise and The Fool

Imam ‘Ali (a.s.) said:

اَلعاقِلُ يَعْتَمِدُ عَلى عَمَلِهِ وَ الْجاهِلُ يَعْتَمِدُ عَلَى أَمَلِهِ


The wise man relies on his endeavor and action and the fool relies on his wishes.1

Brief Description

The wise are positive and truth seeking individuals. So they always look for their high objectives in the external existence, and since attainment to them is not possible without endeavor and attempt, they focus their effort on their action.

The foolish and unaware , on the other hand, are drowned in a sea of wishes and imaginations, and seek for what they have lost in the world of imaginations, and since access to fancies does not require work and effort, negative tendencies are manifested in all aspects of their life. They live on their dreams, content with waiting for subjective victories in a tomorrow that never comes.

  • 1. Ghurarol-Hekam