Lesson One Hundred Forty Seven: First Prerequisite For Any Work

Imam ‘Ali (a.s.) said to Kumayl:

ما مِنْ حَرَكَة اِلاّ وَ اَنْتَ مُحْتاجٌ فِيها اِلى مَعْرِفَة


There is no movement or work that does not need insight, familiarity and knowledge for its performance.1

Brief Description

If we reflect on the wide scope of the words ‘no movement’used above, we will understand how all-encompassing the religion of Islam is. It is not merely a series of worship rituals and invocations or a set of beliefs without practical applications. Rather it provides a complete code of life for all personal and social concerns and endeavors, and its starting point is intelligence and knowledge of realities. It considers all movement and effort as fruitless or at best ineffective if it lacks adequate knowledge and correct guidance.

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