Lesson One Hundred Twenty Four: Take Counsel To Be Guided!

Imam Hasan (a.s.) said:

ما تَشاوَرَ قَوْمٌ إلاّ هُدُوا إلى رُشْدِهِمْ


Nations in which consultation with each other is practiced, are always guided to their welfare and benefit.1

Brief Description

Group work always produces synergistic benefits, improvement and development. When many heads come together, their collective experience and knowledge can be tapped to facilitate planning, problem solving, productivity, creativity and innovation.

Those who have become self-opinionated and obstinate often suffer from mistakes and losses. Everyone has unique mental powers. One mind may produce a brain wave that would never occur to another. When the bright ideas of many minds combine , they would produce a light that can illuminate any darkness. Let us all decide to adopt the practice of always consulting with informed and intelligent persons.

  • 1. Tuhaful Uqul, page 164