Lesson One Hundred Twenty One: Do Productive Works

Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) said:

إزْرَعُوا وَ أَغْرِسُوا وَ اللّهِ ما عَمِلَ النّاسُ عَمَلاً أَحَلَّ وَ لا أَطْيَبَ مِنْهُ


Cultivate and plant trees. By God, people have not done any action more lawful and purer than this.1

Brief Description

Man’s life is based on productive works, including agriculture and various forms of business and industry. Most industries would not be meaningful without agriculture because they gain their raw materials from it. In addition, agriculture is less prone to frauds and trickery because its results are governed mainly by natural factors and sincere efforts of men. On this account, cultivation and tree planting is called the most pure and pleasant work in the above tradition.

  • 1. Safinat’ul-Bihar, volume 1, page 549. Mustadrak Alwasail, vol 13, page 26.